Namibian Institute of Weldings’ ...

... blended work-integrated-learning methodology evolved because of the extensive experience gained, through the years of varying welding complexities, welding positions and types of material exposed to, to achieve the quality of welded products or services.

Our learning environment allows our Welder Educators to have full control over the blended work-integrated-learning approaches, simulations and the ability to report critical information, such as violations, hazards, innovations and changes in environment; continued work performance qualification recording (continued professional development) and continued focus on the quality of coded welder output.

This methodology has been tested and proven to deliver the desired product - “Ready to go Solo” - Coded welders and “Quality in the Weld”.

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Coded Stick (Arc)Welder

Coded Stick Pipe Welder (6G)

Coded Stainless Steel Pipe Welder (Stainless Steel)